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2006年 07月 03日
Casper wins as Hushovd is injured
Casper wins as Hushovd is injured
"It's the most beautiful day in my life," said Casper, whose victory gave him the green jersey.

"The door opened at the right time for me in this sprint. I hope I can repeat this feat."


下記の通り、「green hands」による負傷との事だが、テレビで見るとその前に接触しているように見えるのだが、どうなんだろう?

Television pictures suggested the incident was caused by a spectator waving one of the green hands - which are made of cardboard - that are handed out by one of the race's sponsors, on the race's home straight.

"Thor is all right. He had four stitches in his arm but the muscles are not torn and not even seriously bruised," said team manager Roger Legeay.
"Yesterday I was very disappointed because I wanted this yellow jersey so badly," said New Yorker Hincapie.

"Today it's a dream coming true. When I saw the breakaway was caught, I knew I had a chance to grab seconds in the last intermediate sprint."

CNN.com internatinal
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